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Kelly is a very hardcore babe that enjoys scat play, but she also likes to play with herself. Kelly has many rings on her pussy, so when she decides it is time to play with herself, it will be very messy. Kelly is also going to take a shit when she is playing with her pussy. Rubbing her pussy and smearing the shit all over the place turns her on.

This girl pushed out a juicy little nugget from her butt hole even though she meant to push out a lot more. The nugget comes out brown and juicy on the clear floor making a sticky mess. There is a lot of pushing and ass hole flexing as she works the nugget out. she was hoping to push out more because her tummy was hurting but that;s all she got.

This young chick with glasses takes a dump at two different times as she does a small dark one the first time around than unleashes a light brown log the second time. She does her homework as she sits on the potty and pushes out her light creamy dump into the cool toilet water below. Her poop makes a resounding plop in the water as she pushes it straight out.

This firebush girl takes twin dumps on the floor making sure to wipe her ass nice and clean after taking her poop. She did a lot of pushing to make this little bit of poop come out and when it did it was very small, dark and very stinky. Her pussy is very hairy from not shaving so you get the extra benefit of seeing the wild bush and the poop.

This cute chick with glasses takes a nice fat dump into the tub as she spreads her anus and puts this creamy crap right into the bathtub. It is early in the morning so she is a little tired so maybe she meant to take the shit in the toilet and realized too late it was the tub. It doesn't matter because she looks sexy spreading it and taking a shit.

This chick takes a nice brown love nugget on top of the counter top as she squats down and spreads her puckering anus and hairy vagina to let all of the shit out. She hops off the counter and accidentally spreads some of her shit between her ass cheeks. She wipes it all up and gives you a good look at her shit smear on the toilet paper.

This sexy girl takes a shit into the toilet bowl and she lets you in on the experience as she pulls her panties down and sits and takes a nice shit into the cool water of the bowl. You hear the plop and than she wipes herself giving you a glimpse of a nice shit smear from her anus. She wipes thoroughly so you can see all the shit

This bbw ebony chick takes a nice shit for her slave as she sits on the toilet bowl and lets her slave crawl up in to see her take a nice big shit into the toilet. The slave breathes in her shit and then after she is done she makes him wipe her big black ass for her. He sticks his head in the bowl for an up close view of

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