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With her big and lovely ass, Goddess Ryan could do anything she wanted to. This time, she made a guy who wanted to fuck her watch as she shit on the floor

Jae loves shit. And whenever she is bored, she likes to come up with crazy new ways to play with her shit. This time, she spotted her body with shit and enjoyed masturbating using the shit

This mistress wanted to send a chilling message to her enemy. She pooped and held the poop in her hand and gave the shit to her to eat. Then she told the enemy that if she does not behave, she should expect worse

These two masked sluts pack in the nutrients so they will have plenty of food in their bodies. They have a masked toilet slave waiting under their toilet to eat their shit. They have a plastic bowl fastened to his head so it is facing up. They want the bowl to catch all of the turds so their toilet slave can eat all of it. The turds are even more compacted and huge than they imagined, but the slave has to eat it all.

Gaia is a cruel mistress. She knew her slave had a crush on her and died to see her naked. So she got naked but smeared shit on her stomach. She then made him lick the shit

Alexa shit on herself and made a video to upload on the internet. She wanted to make a few bucks from that because she learned that that particular fetish was sought after

Azzura's boyfriend wanted something hot and different. So she gave him extreme. She pooped and smeared the poop on herself while he watched from where she tied him to a chair

Inna and her online friends wanted to see who could shit the biggest load of crap. She didn't poop for three days and ate lots of food. And when she shit, it was by far the biggest of all her friends

Nikky had had sex with a guy who had a monster cock. He stretched her ass so wide that whenever she felt like pooping, she couldn't stop herself. She would just poop on herself. And that is how she developed a scat fetish

This mistress does not care where she is. If she feels like shitting and satisfying her scat fetish, she will shit there. This time her craving got her in the bedroom and she shit there

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