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Danni loves shit. She wears a diaper as a result so that when she poops, the shit does not escape. It remains with her and she can feel it and smell it too

Alexa has a poo fetish. She likes to poop on herself and smear the poo on herself. She does this with the knowledge that her slave will clean her up

Mistress Gaia is an unforgiving mistress. When her slave forgot to carry out her instructions, he was severely punished. She shit on him and made him eat it

Pooping is one of my favorite things to do. And I like the experience of pooping in different places. Today I wanted to poop in a plantation and I did

I was feeling naughty and wanted to do something outrageous. My slave was my first choice obviously. So I pooped and pissed into a bowl and fed the piss and crap to him

I had diarrhea but I wanted to work out as well. As I lifted the weights, my brakes gave way and I pooped on the floor. No worries though. My slave will do the cleaning

Carlotta ignored my instructions. She thought I would be smiling like I always do. I tied her up and blindfolded her then pooped in her mouth and she had to eat it

Other people go for picnics to have fun and eat out. But this mistress goes on picnics so as to mistreat and torture her slaves. She does not even fear shitting on them in public as long as they are humiliated and degraded

This mistress has a scat fetish, and she indulges in it any chance she gets. She fakes toilet breaks and then goes to poop. She likes it especially when she poops a big load of crap that makes her asshole on fire

Jenicha's slave wanted food. He had been angry for a while. To his surprise, she got up, undressed and then took a container and took a dump in it. She then made him eat all that shit

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