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Mistress Iside was not ok with the way this guy dared her. She had to do something to him to show him that she was not any guy he could say whatever he wanted to. So the mistress shocked the loser by forcing him to eat her shit and that is when he regretted what he had done and why he had dared her. He never dared anyone ever again.

Mistress Iside expected this guy to be honest but she was shocked to find out that he was dishonest. She was not going to stomach that nonsense and she made sure that he ate her poo and that he drank her urine. That is what made him learn never to mess with her and he changed his ways after that. He did not want a repeat of what he had gone through.

Whenever mistress Iside gets annoyed, she does things you cannot understand. Today the pissed mistress chose to shit on this guy because he had pissed her off bigtime. In fact, mistress Iside used her shit, something she had never done to anyone else before. And it was humiliating as well as degrading to the guy who could not do anything other than what the mistress had ordered him to do.

Mistress Iside is one of the most harmless people you can ever find but her friend wanted to test her in a way she had never been tested before. So she came with a guy who needed to be punished and offered her money to punish him and it was good money. She was broke and had to accept. She surprised even herself as she punished the guy and shit on him.

This guy was too stubborn for mistress Iside and she had to do something about it. The mistress felt that it was better for her to find a way to deal with the guy as opposed to letting him keep being stubborn. So the mistress used her scat fetish to make him eat her poo and that was the end of it as she was able to degrade him and make him stop his stubbornness.

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