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Jae is a stunning brunette scat princess who is very horny. She spreads her legs and puts her pussy right in your face. She reaches back and starts fingering her asshole. Suddenly, she pulls her finger out of her ass and a huge turd comes out. She leaves a pile of shit in the floor and gives you the middle finger. She hopes you liked watching her take a huge shit.

Azzura's boyfriend wanted something hot and different. So she gave him extreme. She pooped and smeared the poop on herself while he watched from where she tied him to a chair

This mistress's boyfriend loves her ass and asshole. While he was away, he requested her to make a video of her shitting and send it to her. She did and he masturbated to it everyday till he went back home

Alexa loves nothing better than she loves poo. When she eats different kinds of food, it is so that she can have a variety of poop. She then smears this poop on herself and makes videos

Alexa knows that she has a nice figure and many people want a piece of it. So she makes them sit through her poo fetish sessions where she shits on a glass to see who will retain their interest thereafter

We are outgoing and daring girls. We have done it all and today we wanted to try scat fetish. We smeared each other with poop and licked each other's anuses

My friends and I were having fun when we decided to try something we've never tried. So we discussed and agreed to try a scat fetish. And it was awesome!

My website is up and running. I want it to have lots of content for all of you with a scat fetish. You will see my sweet pussy and watch as my anus gives way to big shit!

This mistress knows that she's hot and has a great ass. She likes to tempt her slave or an admirer with it and then catch them off guard and shit on them or at the very least fart on them

This mistress is a sadist. She likes a wet dump and especially when she soils herself with it. But it does not end there. She likes to make a slave lick her clean and eat her dump

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