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Mistress Anna did not like how her employee consistently under performed. She wanted him to do things differently so she forced him to eat her shit. She wanted to degrade him and make him want to do things differently so as to avoid being punished and humiliated by her again. She made sure he licked her asshole and in so doing she turned his tongue into her toilet paper.

Mistress Kira has a nice ass. She knows this guy wants a piece of it as he keeps telling her all the time. Today she was bored and she decided to have a little fun at the expense of the guy. She had nothing better to do so she called the guy to her house and she had him watch as she teased him and she danced for him. She baited him with her ass as she gyrated it sexily and he fell for it. Then she made him eat her shit.

Mistress Gaia reserves her harshest punishment for those who piss her off the most. This guy pissed her to that extent and he earned his spot in her list of most wanted. She hunted him down and she used tricks to get him to her house. She then turned on him and she had him eat her shit as well as drink her pee. He had no alternative so he did it.

Mistress Anna thought her slave was sick. She was worried and tried to do everything she could for him. But she was shocked to learn that he was pretending. She was pissed and called her friend. The two mistresses trampled and tortured this loser as cruelly as they could. He was trampled and made to eat shit as well as drink pee. He learned his lesson the hardest way possible.

Mistress Gaia is a hot and naughty girl. She loves to have fun without limits and this guy wanted a taste of it. She knew what she was offering him but she wanted to be sure he was the kind of kinky guy she wanted to mess with. So she tested him and she did this by using the naughtiest and craziest test she could find. She asked him to eat her shit directly from her asshole and to drink her pee. He agreed.

Mistress Gaia is hot and she gets a lot of attention from guys who want to spoil her and sleep with her. But she is faithful to her boyfriend. She was extremely mad that he had cheated on her and she had to teach him the lesson of a lifetime. So she pretended she did not know. She also pretended that she wanted them to have kinky sex so she tied him up. But instead of sex, she made him eat her shit.

Mistress Roberta was not impressed with her slave. She had done her best to teach her the ways she wanted him to learn in her house. But the slave did not change and he had to be beaten and punished. The mistress turned to her shit fetish to punish him. She forced him to eat her shit as well as drink her pee and he had no choice but to do it.

Mistress Gaia is so good when it comes to torturing and punishing slaves that she does it for a living. She is paid good money by other mistresses who give her the task of making sure their slaves are well punished. She usually assesses what the slave had done before prescribing the appropriate punishment. Today she used her shit and her pee to punish this loser. She tied him before she had him eat the shit and drink the pee.

Mistress Roberta was fed up with her professor awarding her low marks even when she knew she deserved better. She had to find a way to get to him. She did not want to have sex with him like he wanted. So she lied to him that she was down for it but instead of sex, she turned him into her human toilet and took a dump on his face.

This mistress had not punished her slave in a long time and he was getting used to it. She was pissed and had to punish him. She did so by cruelly forcing him to eat her shit. She wanted to make up for all the time she had not punished him. So she turned him into her bathroom and had the poor guy chew and swallow her poop. It was degrading!

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