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This mistress wanted to shit but her slave had not yet made the toilet which had been broken. So she decided she was not going to waste time arguing with him why he had not done it. She decided to give him an incentive to do it faster and when she was done with him, he did it in record time. She used him as her human toilet and shit and pissed on him.

Mistress Melissa knew her slave was hungry and wanted some food. She pretended to cook but in the real sense, what she was doing is shit into a bowl and then give it to the slave to eat. She presented it to the slave and he had no option of refusing the food. He ate all of her shit just as she wanted then she let him go to sleep.

This mistress is gorgeous in every sense of the word. She also has a big ass and knows guys love it. So she takes advantage of it to humiliate guys with it by making them lick her asshole

Delunatic and I wanted to have fun. We had always lusted after one another and today, we did all crazy shit we wanted.

Other people go for picnics to have fun and eat out. But this mistress goes on picnics so as to mistreat and torture her slaves. She does not even fear shitting on them in public as long as they are humiliated and degraded

Unlike other mistresses, this scat queen likes to play with her own poop. She does not need a slave like the others do. She just unleashes a big load from her big ass and then uses her hands and fingers to play with the crap

This slave had to be punished for his mistake. So the mistress took him outside to the woods. She made him lie down and tied him up. She then squatted and pooped into his open mouth and degraded him to the fullest

This mistress knows that she's hot and has a great ass. She likes to tempt her slave or an admirer with it and then catch them off guard and shit on them or at the very least fart on them

This mistress is a sadist. She likes a wet dump and especially when she soils herself with it. But it does not end there. She likes to make a slave lick her clean and eat her dump

BizarrLady is a sexy mistress who loves to humiliate and abuse her loser slaves. Today she gets naked and gives her slave a brutal facesitting session but with a twist. She sits down on her slaves face and then takes a shit and pushes out a ton of creamy shit and it smears all over her slaves face and then she moves her ass all around and then smears it over her ass and the rest of the slaves face.

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