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Bizarrlady Jessica makes her slave lay naked in the bathtub as she stands on the edge of the tub wearing nothing but a pair of stockings. She has given herself an enema and is waiting for it to work. Her slave knows that he is about to be covered in an explosive amount of stinky shit as she bends her knees and lines her tight asshole up with his face and sprays him with her shit!

This Ebony Mistress knows that her white cuck's tiny dick is not good for anything. She knows that it is to small to even be inside of her wet pussy so she has her slave lay down on the floor and take off his pants. She then makes him hold the camera as she squats down over top of him and pushes out a long piece of shit right on top of his limp dick and then she pisses all over him!

This sexy mistress gets down on her knees naked and spreads her legs apart and starts pushing out a creamy semi solid log. She continues to push as the log starts coming out of her tight asshole. She manages to push a log long enough that it touches the floor as she kneels above it but as the last part comes out of her ass it is soft and creamy and she knows that you want to smell her shit!

Mistress Jenicha is a sexy brunette mistress that loves to play with her tight asshole. She starts out with a pink dildo that she is sliding in and out of her wet pussy as she gets closer and closer to getting off. She then takes the dildo and puts it in her mouth and then shoves it in her asshole. When she pulls out the dildo it is brown and covered in shit as she puts it back into her mouth.

This Ebony Mistress is about to take a shit on a plate using a porta potty but then at the last minute she decides to use her slave instead. She makes him put his head under her round ass and then she covers the back of his head with warm piss. Once his head is soaking wet she then pushes out a semi-soft shit that lands right on his head as he takes in the smelly aroma of her fresh shit.

This sexy mistress has been holding her shit for a while as she climbs on top of the counter and pushes it out. She leaves a little nugget on the counter and as she hops down she smears it all over her ass! She takes the toilet paper and the camera gives a close up as she wipes the scat off of her ass. She then goes to the toilet and pushes out another massive turd.

Mistress Cassie Sparx is excited because this is her first time shitting on her slaves face and she is nervous about it. She takes of her shorts and then takes off her green panties and finally she sits down on the portable toilet and spreads her ass apart. Her slave is laying on the floor beneath her ass and as she starts to push out her creamy shit and it drops directly onto her slaves face.

This super sexy mistress is sitting on the toilet and taking a shit as she fills the toilet with the warm stinky scat she realizes that she does not have any toilet paper. She looks around to try to find something to wipe her ass with but can not find anything. Desperate she uses her panties to wipe her ass and you can watch her smear the shit all over the place with her sexy panties.

This super sexy Mistress takes a creamy shit as she wakes up in the morning and fills the counter with some liquid sausage. She shows off her shit mixed with a little bit of piss as she pokes it with her finger and shows you just how creamy it is. She knows that you want to play with it with your fingers and she knows that you wants to feel her warm creamy shit.

Lady Jessica is a sexy blonde mistress that takes a massive shit in a shoe box on the floor of the bathroom in front of her two naked slaves. She then takes her hand and scoops some of the scat up and uses it to smear their faces full of it. Once their entire faces are covered in scat she then uses her hand and her warm shit to write pig on their chests so they know they are little piggies.

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