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Mistress Adison is a sexy brunette mistress that has to take a shit and does not like to sit on a toilet so she makes her slave into her human toilet and she squats down over his face and gets ready to take a shit. Her puckering asshole is directly above her slaves face and she starts pushing out her fresh load of smelly warm shit that falls all over her slaves face under her.

Mistress Julia is a sexy brunette mistress that has always wondered what it would be like to take a shit on her slave. She has followed through with that fantasy as she sits on her portable toilet with her slave underneath of her sexy ass. She starts pushing as her asshole starts puckering and her semi-hard log starts to come out of her asshole. The log then drops down on top of her slaves face beneath of her.

This sexy Ebony Mistress has grown tired of picking out Valentines gifts every year for her slave so this year she has chosen to get her slave something extra special that he will never forget. She takes a heart shaped box and squats down over it and starts pushing her tight asshole. She drops out several creamy semi hard logs into the box and puts the lid on it and gives it to her slave.

This mistress is making her slave an extra special treat as she takes and pisses into a bowl and then makes her slave lick all of her hot piss up and drink every last drop of her hot golden nectar. She then squats down and shits into the bowl and fills it up with her fresh warm liquid shit and makes her slave drink up every last drop. Finally she lets her slave was his face off in the toilet.

Mistress Libby responded to an ad placed by Mistress Rayven at the local college looking for a mistress that would be willing to take a shit on a human toilet in front of the camera. She enters the room and sits directly down on the portable toilet and shits all over her slaves face. She has no problem pushing out her creamy shit and covering her slaves face with the fresh shit. She then wipes and pulls up her pants and leaves.

Mistress Rose just ate a large meal and now she needs to take a massive shit. She goes over to her slave as he lays on his back under her portable toilet and she uses him as her human toilet. This sexy mistress takes and covers her slave with her fresh creamy shit and then moves out of the way for two other mistresses to work their magic as they piss all over the slaves face.

Mistress Jenicha is a sexy mistress with long brunette hair that is wearing only a pair of white high heel boots while she shows off the rest of her sexy naked body. She then spreads her legs wide apart and shows off her shaved pussy. This sexy babe then takes her tight asshole and then takes and pushes out a massive sausage while the camera is up nice and close and catches all of the action.

This sexy mistress takes four of her clips and puts them all together as one long clip totaling almost ten minutes of her pushing shit out of her tight asshole. This sexy mistress squats down over the edge of the toilet and she pushes out several large semi-hard logs. In another clip she is squatting down over a paper towel on the floor and she lets you get up close to see every last detail of the action.

Mistress Messalina is a sexy mistress with long brunette hair that uses her slave as a human toilet. She sits down on her portable toilet and she then makes her slave open his mouth and she uses him as her human toilet first taking a piss in his mouth. She fills his mouth with her fresh warm piss and then she pushes out a large log into his mouth that is semi creamy and she forces him to eat it all.

These two sexy college chicks are all about having a great time as they take turns shitting in to different color bowls. They takes their turns squatting down over the bowls and they pucker their tight assholes and filling them up with their fresh warm and creamy shit. These college babes help each other out as they move their panties to the side so that they can shit right onto the colorful bowls.

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