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The twol ladies Princess Nikki and Lady Rachel have a new little cat and they mix their cats milk with their shit and pee into the bowl making a nice little meal for the slave. The hot blondes pump the milk from their asses and they take shits inot the bowl to make a nice meal for the hungry slave. It is a mixture of cat milk, shit and pee

Princess Nikki is a sexy mistress with blonde hair that is talking to her slave about the best way to dominate him. She then stands up and takes a shit on the floor as she lets you get up close and watch as the shit comes out of her tight asshole. She then steps on her shit and gets it all over her shoes and then makes her slave lick them clean.

Mistress Sabrina is a sexy blonde babe that makes her slave get naked and she squats above him and then shits all over him. She then takes her shit and smears it all over his body. She then takes her shit covered hands and use them to rub the shit all over her slaves face and puts it in his mouth. She also makes him use his tongue to lick her tight asshole clean.

Miss Missa is a sexy blonde mistress that poses on the couch wearing her black bra and panties. She takes off her bra and panties and then stands above you as she starts puckering her tight asshole. She then starts pushing out her semi-hard shit. It lands on her slaves face and he gets to look up in this pov clip and see it all falling down over his face.

This sexy mistress takes her ass and puts it in a portable toilet and makes her slave lay underneath of her round sexy ass. She takes her ass and puckers it as she takes and starts pushing her shit out of her sexy ass. Her slave is directly under her tight asshole as she makes the creamy shit land all over her slaves face and nose and into his mouth.

This sexy Ebony Mistress lets the camera get up close for a pov shot as she gets ready to take a shit just for you. She then starts pushing out some logs and puts them on a towel on the floor and the camera gets so close that you can almost smell it as you get off from your mistresses shit. She lets you admire her pile of poo and her tits at the same time.

This sexy red headed mistress has to go to the bathroom bad and she does not think that she is going to make it in time. When she sits down on the toilet it hits her bad and she can not contain it as her stomach starts bubbling. She sprays out a load of soft and creamy shit into the toilet and fills it up with her stinky shit just for you!

This sexy Mistress lets you get up nice and close while she gets ready to take a hard shit. She gets the camera nice and close so you can see her pucker her asshole and then you can see the log peak out of her tight asshole. She then grunts as she pushes out the hard log from in her asshole. Then she finally gets it out and you get a nice close up and get to watch her wipe her ass as well.

Mistress Jenicha is a sexy mistress that has been busy this morning as she takes a warm creamy shit on the counter. She then examines the pile up close with the camera so that you can enjoy her warm creamy liquid sausage that she has made just for you. She takes her finger and uses it to spread the poo all around the counter and invites you to play with her shit as well.

Mistress Jenicha is a sexy dark haired mistress that has just taken a fresh shit and as soon as she sees it she has to play with it with her fingers. Once she starts to play with the shit in her hands and feels it warm gooeyness she wants to put it in her mouth. She puts it into her mouth and tastes it and feels it warmth and then offers a bite to you!

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