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Mandy has a nice and spankable ass. Many guys want to tap it, but she instead lures them with it and ends up humiliating and degrading them. She makes them lick her asshole and then shits on them or makes them watch her take a dump

Jenicha has a slave that loves her poo. She is going to have her slave get down on the ground in front of her, so she can push out her poo. Jenicha has a huge load of poo that is going to come out on the ground. Her slave will get a great close up of the poop that is falling out of her tight little asshole.

The scat queen Jenicha takes a nice shit into the container and holds it out in front of you knowing you can't resist a piece of her fresh shit. It is very smelly but you can't resist as Jenicha holds her own shit between her fingers teasing you with it and then spreading her lovely ass hole to take some more shit for the slave. Jenicha will think about it.

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