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A group of fun girls are going to have a nice relaxing afternoon filled with lots of poop. They have a toilet slave that is a total loser, so naturally the girls get amused when they are able to have fun shitting on the slave. They will totally cover the slave in shit and piss, then giggle at how fun it was to poop on the loser slave.

A slave will find out the hard way about scat play. He is having his lovely mistress take a shit on him, but he didn't bargain for her to take such a large shit. The mistress had been holding in her poo all day long. She ended up taking a shit that took forever to get out of her ass. Her slave's face is covered in shit.

A slave is going to get a mouthful of shit directly from Lisa and her friend's ass. Lisa loves to push out huge loads of shit from her asshole and drop them right into the mouth of her slave. He is going to eat all of the shit right up and swallow. The slave will get so full from all of the poop he will have to eat.

Miss Missa X will never let any of her slaves down when it comes to teasing and most importantly her shitting ability. She loves to dance around seductively, and get herself all worked up. Miss Missa X will then bend over and hold her ass cheek while she shoots shit right out of her ass. Scat play is so sexy to this very hot mistress.

A toilet slave will have a rough day, because not just one girl will be using him as a toilet, he will have six girls shitting on him throughout the day. Each girl loves to piss and shit on him, therefore they are going to go out of their way to coat and cover him in all of their pee and poop. They are so amused by this torture.

Jenicha has a love for shitting. Her shitting can involve herself or she can have one of her many slaves help her out. She is into pushing shit out on the floor, so she can examine her tasty poo. Her slave is also allowed to each her shit. She is a very fun babe that is into scat play. Her slave is a very lucky guy.

Pinknwets is a really fun babe, but she is on her period. Her slave will get a close up of her tampon string as she is taking a nice warm shit. She will allow her slave to get a great view of all the poop that is coming from her asshole. She will even wipe her ass when she is done with her huge stinky poop.

Jenicha is a hot babe that loves scat play. She is very much into shitting and eating her poop. She also loves to have her slave help her with her shit. She is going to take a huge poo, then get down on the ground and eat her own poo. She takes smelly shits, but she doesn't mind the taste, because her shit is so good.

Pinknwets loves to have fun with her poo and her slaves. She is going to squat down low to the ground so her slave can see everything that is going to happen. The slave must watch the poo, because the slave will have his mouthful of her shit soon enough. Pinknwets also loves to taste her own shit, so she and her slave might share a meal.

Pinknwet had to take a huge shit. She will squat down on her bathroom floor near her toilet. Pinknwet pushes out an extra large load out of her asshole. She is going to shit on a coffee filter, but she missed a bit. Jenicha will admire her very large shit. She also will enjoy the lovely smell of her stinky shit. Her slave might get a piece of this action.

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