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Gina was new to shit fetish. She had watched many videos and knew that was what she wanted to do. So she went to her bathroom and set up her camera. Then sh took a pov video of herself shitting. She wanted to capture as the shit came out of her ass and she managed to do that. It did not show her face so she posted it online to see what other scat fetish fans thought.

Masturbating is what Dido does best. She had masturbated for such a long time that she decided to introduce something new to it. She decided to try a shit fetish alongside her masturbation. So she shit onto a plate and then licked the shit. She put it beside her and was turned on by the smell which made her masturbate. She liked it and did it severally that particular day.

This mistress knew that eating lots of chilli always made her shit so she decided to have lots of it so that she could indulge in her new fetish which is scat. It did not take long before she felt like shitting. She went to the toilet undressed completely and held her big butt with both hands and shit as if she was competing to break a world shitting record.

Merica had joined a young dominas group. After her induction, she was supposed to join in the activities of her new group. First in line was humiliation of a slave. She did it expertly. There were many things she could have done to the slave but she chose to shot on the slave straight into his mouth as the other mistresses watched. They were impressed by her and cheered her on.

This mistress realized that lots of mistresses were interested in scat fetishes. She had found a way to make more money and she arranged for classes for those mistresses who wanted to try it. She had a slave who all the mistresses would try it on. The slave was not lucky since all these mistresses would shit on the poor slave. They did not give him any breathing room at all.

This mistress wanted to shit but her slave had not yet made the toilet which had been broken. So she decided she was not going to waste time arguing with him why he had not done it. She decided to give him an incentive to do it faster and when she was done with him, he did it in record time. She used him as her human toilet and shit and pissed on him.

This plump mistress likes to do weird and nasty things. She has a fetish for poo and she does not let anything get in the way of her and her fetish. She likes to play with her shit a few times a day whenever she has the time. She likes to shit and then step on it with her feet as a treat to her many fans and admirers online.

Despite being mature, this mistress has never let go her love for scat fetish. She likes to do it anytime she feels like and when time allows. She likes to shit in a bowl and then feed her slave or do something else with it. Sometimes she shits on the bowl and then tries to make some food like cake with it and still make her slave eat it all.

This mistress has a nice ass. She is also a yoga fan and likes to show off her yoga prowess. She also likes to take the chance to show off her shit fetish. The yoga poses are especially great for shitting and she never lets the chance pass without her doing it. That is what makes her blog one of the most liked shit fetish blogs. She is very flexible.

This mistress called her friend to come and see how a slave is supposed to be humiliated and punished. She removed her pants and shit on the slave's face. She then made sure her friend followed what she did. By the time they were done with the slave, her friend was an expert in using shit to humiliate slaves. The slave was humiliated and degraded but they did not care.

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