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Mistress Alina was taking a walk when she felt like shitting. Being a mistress with a shit fetish, she decided to have fun with it since she was on a secluded place. She shit on herself and had fun given how naughty and wrong it felt. She removed her shorts and laughed when she saw how her ass and her thighs were covered in shit. She then ran home to take a bath.

When this mistress realized that her slave had not yet made any progress on the work she had given him, she was pissed. The work was urgent and she needed someone to take care of things for her. To make him realize how urgent the work was, she forced the guy to eat her shit and swallow it. She also pissed on him for good measure. It worked like a charm.

This mistress and her friend had a bet. They wanted to find out who had a bigger shit than the other. So they both ate foods that made them have a lot of shit. When the day came, they both took photos of their shits so as to compare and see who had the bigger shit. This mistress won as hers was bigger than she could imagine and it was even painful to shit.

Mistress Rosella and her friend love extreme fun. If something is not extreme, then they do not want to take part in it. Today they chose to insert dildos in their asses. It was a way of preparing themselves to shit. They wanted to shit because they wanted to try scat fetish. The mistresses squatted and made sure their shit got directly into the mouth of the loser. The loser ate all of it despite being humiliated.

This mistress tried shit fetish to humiliate and punish her slave. But the smell was too much for her and she found herself feeling nauseous. She made the slave eat the shit from a bowl and then she threw up inside the bowl and he had to mix the two and then eat it. The cruel mistress made sure her slave ate it all and even licked the bowl and the spoon.

Mistress Kaidence was horny and there was no one to fuck her and make her cum. She had to do it herself and she did not have a dildo. She prefers a real dick so she has never bothered to have a dildo. But today she had to do something and since she loves naughty stuff, she decided to try shit fetish and masturbation. She rubbed her pussy as she shit and the naughtiness of it made her cum faster than she she ever had.

Mistress Gaia took her slave to her torture chambers and degraded him there. She wanted to make him quit as she was tired of trying to teach him new things which he never seemed to grasp. She did not want to fire him but rather for him to quit on his own. And after making him eat her shit and swallow it, the slave did not need to be fired. He quit.

This mistress does not like to be wrong. In anything she does, she is always right. This slave thought he was smart and did something different from the way she had told him to do it. She did not say anything. She waited for it to backfire and it did. She did not talk. She just turned her slave into her human toilet and she shit on him and pissed on him.

Mistress Alina was feeling naughty today. Being an adventurous girl who can try anything she feels like, she had an idea as she took a walk. She was in a park and it was a bit deserted. So she pulled up her dress to piss and then shit on herself and walked with the shit inside her underwear for a while before she let it drop on the ground as she walked home.

This mistress loves to shit but unlike her friends who have a scat fetish, she does not like to shit on people. She prefers to enjoy her shit on her own. She loves touching her big, sexy boobs as she gets her nice round ass to do the shitting. She enjoys doing all that and making sure that she has a lot of fun in the process like she did today.

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