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When a mistress wants to teach a slave a lesson, the slave better be prepared for the worst time of his life. That is what Scatha wanted to do to her slave. But the slave thought it was nothing serious. However, she made him eat her shit straight from her asshole and straight into his mouth. She was not kidding and made her do as she wanted and he did.

Sophia is a mistress who enjoys her own shit. She is not like other mistresses who do it in a crowd or who do it to slaves. She likes to play with her shit while she is in the toilet and no one can disturb her. She likes to do all sorts of things like hold it, smear it and even place it on surfaces and study it for her own enjoyment.

These mistresses wanted to humiliate this loser like he had never been humiliated before. They decided to turn him into their human toilet. The guys did not care about his dignity or even his health. They improvised a toilet which led to his mouth and they forced him to eat and swallow all their shit and the poor guy did as he was told because he was terrified of the mistresses.

Mistress Gaia gets angry pretty quickly and over mundane things. She made her slave eat her shit just for being a few minutes late.

Jae has a new fetish blog. She wanted to make it popular so she would do crazy stuff and upload it. This time, she taped herself shitting and uploaded it

She was mad at her friend. So she decided to have revenge. She went into her friend's house and shit on her floor and let it stink there

Mistress Gaia wanted to toughen up her slave. She decided to use a simple trick - disgust her. She made her lie down and shit on her face

With her big and lovely ass, Goddess Ryan could do anything she wanted to. This time, she made a guy who wanted to fuck her watch as she shit on the floor

Melissa was mad at her roommate and wanted to get back at her. She shit on a banana because she knew she ate one before going to work. When she went to eat it, she found it covered in shit

It was not this slave's lucky day. This mistress wanted to show him what she was all about. She made him eat her shit without any care in the world

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