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Michelle is a cruel mistress. She hates weak men and loves humiliating them. She met this one and had fun making him eat her shit

Lady Bella's boyfriend wanted anal sex. She agreed but she wanted something in return. She wanted him to eat her poop first

Gaia is a cruel mistress. She knew her slave had a crush on her and died to see her naked. So she got naked but smeared shit on her stomach. She then made him lick the shit

This waitress was mistreated and wanted to quit. But she wanted to do it in style. When this customer came and ordered, she instead made him eat her shit

Mistress Gaia loves scat so much that she needs to get a shit maid. This is her female shit slave that she uses to satisfy her scat fetish. She makes the soft and sexy shit maid lie on the floor so she can put her asshole right on her mouth and fill it with shit. She fills the female slave's mouth full of smelly turds and she starts to chew it.

Girls love their iPhones. One of the reasons is that they can take pictures and send them to their friends. This cute teen doesn't use her iPhone for selfies. She uses it to film herself taking a shit. She sets the phone down and it has a perfect view as she shits out some messy poop for you. It comes out yellow and smears. She wants it extra smelly and messy for you.

Two loser slaves wait on the floor on all fours to be dominated by scat queens Lady Missy and Lady Angie. They bring the loser slaves something to eat. It's a plate full of their shit. The slaves have to be humiliated with shit eating. They eat the shit from the lovely ladies and wash the poop down with a glass of their piss. They could eat their scat all day.

This scat princess is brutal when it comes to shitting on slaves. She makes sure he has plenty of shit to eat. She also makes sure to make a mess. She starts facesitting on her scat slave and shits right into his mouth. His mouth fills with turds and starts spilling out. He is not fast enough at shit eating so the poop gets spread all over his face.

Bonnie Love is just like many girls these days. She loves to take selfies. What's different about Bonnie's selfies is that she takes selfies of her own shit. She sits on the toilet and squeezes out several turds. She starts by pissing right in the camera. She holds the camera down where you can see her pussy spread before shit starts dropping shit out of her ass and plopping into the toilet.

This lovely scat goddess feels like doing some baking for you. Her main ingredient is her own shit. She knows you like shit eating so she serves you up some scat cakes. All she had to do is shit out a bunch of turds in a pan and heat them up. She makes sure they are warm and squishy for you when you eat her turds. She loves baking shit.

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