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Mistress Gaia wanted to toughen up her slave. She decided to use a simple trick - disgust her. She made her lie down and shit on her face

This is 2 Girls in 1 Cup number 2. These girls get even nastier. Nikki and Jess are two friends that are so close that they like to drink each other's piss and eat each other's shit. They mix a nice cup full of messy turds and top it with whipped cream. They put their mouths together while they are full of scat and whip cream. They decide to wash it down with some warm piss. That is their favorite drink.

Lady Milena is a gorgeous scat queen with a nice body who teaches you how to fill a container with shit so you can eat it later. She pulls her pants down and sits on the toilet then pulls her panties off and wiggles her sexy toes at you. She squats down and spreads her legs showing her sweet and tender pussy. She demonstrates how the turd falls out of her asshole and curls around inside the container until it was full.

Molly Jane never does scat videos. This is an exclusive. Molly sits on the toilet seat in her panties. She takes her panties off and sits backward on the seat so you can see her luscious asshole spread open. She pushes out a dark and massive turd in the toilet and looks so beautiful that Cory Chase decides to take a reverse shit herself and see what it feels like. It is just as hot with both girls spreading assholes.

These lesbian scat queens Merida Brown and Melanie know how to party. If you like scat parties. They are both hot and petite and very hot for each other. They already have their panties off and start licking each other's pussies. When one of the girls has to shit, she just lets it go and the other girls eats it. They eat the turds out of each other's assholes then start playing with the shit and smearing it all over each other.

Jae loves shit. And whenever she is bored, she likes to come up with crazy new ways to play with her shit. This time, she spotted her body with shit and enjoyed masturbating using the shit

This mistress wanted to send a chilling message to her enemy. She pooped and held the poop in her hand and gave the shit to her to eat. Then she told the enemy that if she does not behave, she should expect worse

Watch as this ebony princess takes a shit. She must have eaten something that made her shit come out messy. The camera moves in for a close-up as her sweet ebony ass hovers over the toilet. Just as the camera gets closer, a big messy turd falls out of her ass and drops in the toilet. There is more where that came from.The turds are loose, but they are massive. She fills the bottom of the toilet with her nasty turds.

Candy is showing you what it's like to be a toilet slave. This is the POV of a toilet slave who lies under her ready to receiver her shit in his mouth. Her sweet little naked ass covers the hole in the toilet seat and her asshole starts to open up. The huge messy turds start falling out of her ass and you are right there as if you are inside her toilet bowl shit eating as her toilet slave.

Melissa was mad at her roommate and wanted to get back at her. She shit on a banana because she knew she ate one before going to work. When she went to eat it, she found it covered in shit

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