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Mistress Lizzy likes to flaunt and today she chose to flaunt and show off her scat prowess. This guy messed with the wrong mistress and in so doing, he found himself being used to showcase her scat prowess. The mistress had the guy eat her shit as well drink her pee before she was done with him. That is how the mistress managed to showcase her scat prowess and also punish guy.

Mistress Lizzy ran out of things to do and at that exact point, she felt like shitting and she did not hesitate to do it. She went ahead to do it to herself and she played with her poo to the extent that it became fun and she could not believe that she was so engrossed in it that she forgot what she was doing and needless to say, that is how she came to have a scat fetish.

Mistress Lizzy loves to dominate guys for her own fun and that is what happened today. The mistress used her shit to teach this guy never to take her or anything else for granted. The guy was just chilling and the next minute he found himself watching her take a dump after which she made him clean up after her. He could not do anything about it and he regretted what he had done.

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